Hey, just working through the MS Course 2158A, doing these courses is a good way to tidy up loose ends and discovered the BTSAsmExt.dll = the Biztalk Assembly Viewer.

This little utility allow one to see those assemblies and their componentswhich have been installed into the GAC but what I find it useful for is that it’s a nice & quicklittle way to view all the xml which makes up orchestrations and their correlation sets, messages & variables, maps, schemas, pipelines and physical ports (as opposed to logical orchestration ports).

It’s aslo good for:

– Seeing which assemblies have been deployed

– View assembly attributes such as version

– See if an assembly has any referenced assemblies

– Add/Remove assemblies

– Launching the Biztalk Deployment Wizard

To install it … http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/deploying/htm/ebiz_depl_assemblies_pade.asp

Once installed look under MyComputers in Windows Explorer for Biztalk Server Assemblies

R. Addis