Note: this orchestration is used for learning purpose. To monitoring in the real life we'd rather use the BAM and BAS. I can see this orchestration in the real environment only as a "lightweight" tool when using an additional technology (BAM/BAS) is not worth the time.

This is a singleton orchestration for monitoring other BizTalk applications.
It can start/stop by the special "start/stop" message or whatever you want. It can work infinitely or on per day basis, or whatever you want.
It has a direct subscription to the monitoring activity, for example, to some message type, or to the the port name, or some parameters inside the messages.
It can create the log of this activity in a log file or collect this information to create the summary reports.

Implementation details of this sample:
  • An orchestration uses the sequential convoy to monitor the messages with specific "EDI document type" (it is an element of the all input messages). "Monitor" here means calculating of the message number.
  • It has "per EDI document type" instance. The different orchestration instances are started for different types of monitored messages.
  • The project references another project with monitored message (with schema of this message)
  • The orchestration has one receive port. It has to had parameter the "Ordered Delivery" as "True". I use parameters the "Binging" as "Direct" and the "Partner Orchestration Port" as "MessageBox", this simplify the relationship with others applications.
  • It uses one correlation set for two message types: for a monitored message and for a management message. The last one is used for output (trace) the current value of the monitored parameter and for stop the orchestration instance.
I can send you the project files by your request.
I would appretiate your feedback.