Don’t automatically shove your config in BTSNTSVC.exe.config because its easy?


I wrote a blog post a few years ago around the options for where you could put configuration settings in BizTalk (Click here). As I mention in the blog post its very common that people just fill the BizTalk config file with lots of settings because its the easiest option. I often work on big projects where you have many BizTalk projects running at the same time with different delivery deadlines. One of the problems is that the BizTalk configuration file is one of the few resources that is shared across your applications no matter what. When you have settings that are in the BizTalk config file then your BizTalk application now has additional dependancies so if you want to produce a new version of the file you have to be careful to consider how changes to the file may affect other BizTalk applications.


  • You have a big project with many BizTalk projects running at the same time
  • You have large development teams
  • You have different applications running on the same group
  • You have poor dependancy management between your projects
  • You dont have much governance around changes to the BizTalk config file


  • A change for one application may break anothers functionality


  • Dont take the quick and easy option just because its quick and easy

Im not saying its bad to use the BizTalk config file, far from it. What I do think is a good idea though is to have a development process and governance around changes to the BizTalk configuration file to ensure a quick and easy change doesnt bite you in the future. If you want to put something in the file for custom application configuration make sure you talk it through with your technical lead or others on the team to ensure everyone agrees that the BizTalk configuration file is the right place to put it. Also have some guidelines and standards for your team to determine what types of configuration should go where.