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We all know that the focus at Microsoft is Mobility first and cloud first at the moment. AS some of you have found out I’m no longer in the MVP program since I joined Microsoft January 1st.

Microsoft still focus on BizTalk Server and BizTalk in the cloud, however as time flies and costumer explains there needs and current struggles Microsoft listens. MABS as we know if just spun off a child. This child is now a Microservice (to be specific many micro services). This solution will work both in the cloud and on premise. The biggest win is that this will be available as GA sometime around June, and is currently in preview.

The big different between MABS and Micros services is the way it works, Micro services is a part of IIS and can run both on site and in the cloud. Micro services will also be shipped as a part of BizTalk that’s expected to be released 6 months after the next windows server version.

Many people have asked me why Microsoft states that there will be a CU for BizTalk ever three months but that this is not happening, the reason for this is because the lack of bugs (yeah, there are to few hotfixes to cumulative them into a CU). a couple of days ago CU 7 for BizTalk Server 2010 was released 5 months overdue all because of the lack of fixes, Microsoft says that as long as there is less then 15 fixes Microsoft don’t create a CU (don’t worry though, if you have one of the bugs Microsoft will supply you with a private build that is fully supported).

Some people might be afraid that I’m moving away from the BizTalk space now that I joined Microsoft (worry not) my key focus as a Technology Solution Professional (TSP) is the data platform stack which includes BizTalk, BI, SQL and Azure. and I am lucky to still do a lot of BizTalk.