Its a funny old thing writing a blog. You never quite know which posts people will care about and which they wont. Well except maybe the blog posts you write to get some miscellaneous topic off your chest — those ones you know people won’t care for. Where was I? Ah yes, so I was doing some blog maintenance and I got to looking at my stats, as feeble as they are, and it seems that this post on what makes a good BizTalk administrator is by far and away the most popular post. It also bounces between rank 3-6 on “The Google” for the term “BizTalk Administrator”. Interesting eh? Seems like it had the desired effect. Company’s have cottoned onto the idea that a BizTalk Administrator is a necessity analogous to a DBA.

A quick look around the intertubes shows quite a few mentions of the word “BizTalk adminstrator” and I see quite a few jobs ads for it. You could say my job here is done. So all those newly minted BizTalk Administrators out there owe me a debt of gratitude. I take paypal.

That wasn’t really a state of the union address was it? That was a little trick I played on you. See I like to use subjects that make you think its going to be interesting and then waste your time by rambling on and on about increasing boring stuff. Say, did you hear the one about the man and a dog who go into a bar? Or maybe it was church. So a man and a dog go into a church and the bartender says to the man, “he can’t come in here”, then the dog says to the priest behind the bar, “why not”? Then the nun says …wait I forgot the punchline. You really should have stopped reading already.