By now every developer out there should be using Reflector.  Reflector is written by Lutz Roeder and its a utility that leverages reflection to disassemble a particular assembly and show you what the inside looks like.  I’ve come up with several great ideas for solutions after looking at how something was designed in the .NET Framework.  Now while this program is awesome it never really worked well in the BizTalk world for things like pipelines, maps, schemas, etc. so Gilles Zunino from MS has put together this add-on for Reflector.  Get it here.  I’ve used this tool for the past two weeks and I love it.  I’m a firm believer that unless you REALLY understand the technology your working on, you really cannot help others understand it as well.  This tool is great for seeing how your orchestrations and artifacts look like as compiled .NET code.  Happy disassembling.