Hopefully you’ve been keeping an eye on this in recent times.

This is a Set of Adapters that MS have built on top of the WCF LOB Adapter
(a platform neutral .NET based Adapter framework).


This allows the Adapters to run within the .NET stack almost anywhere – Console apps,
Custom WebServices, BizTalk, SSIS, SharePoint etc.

(Build once – run everywhere 🙂


The public beta is available as a 120-day d/l from MS


What to expect with the Adapter Pack

(in addition to a free migration tool to go from the old adapters to the new – e.g.

Oracle EBS

%u00b7 64 bit support

%u00b7 Synonyms

%u00b7 Added performance counters

%u00b7 Notification support


%u00b7 64 bit support

%u00b7 Synonyms

%u00b7 UDTs

%u00b7 Notifications

%u00b7 Polling stored procedures

%u00b7 Performance counters

SQL Adapter
%u00b7 64 bit support and improved SQL

Adapter SDK

%u00b7 Display complex binding properties 

%u00b7 Display metadata wsdl in web control

SAP data provider

%u00b7 Support for more operators in Sap Queries

%u00b7 SAP SSRS support in VS2008


%u00b7 New Samples for SQL and Oracle eBiz Adapters

%u00b7 Repackaged samples for BAP 1.0