We released BizTalk 360 with lot of features targeted toward supporting and monitoring controlled BizTalk environments like production, test etc. After the release, our basic principle in the direction/road map of the product is mainly driven by customer request. That’s the result you are seeing on the latest addition of alert/notification functionality added to V2, fixing of clustered host instance behaviour etc.

One of the latest addition in the same line is the ability to start and stop the whole application. In previous versions of BizTalk 360 (prior to 1.0.206), there was no ability to start and stop entire application, user need to click "Select all checkbox" on each artifacts (receive location, send ports, etc) tab and do a bulk start. One of our potential customer wants to give the tool to some third party support company and they don’t want them messing around with individual artifacts and also they wanted to keep starting and stopping application simple.

To address the customer request, we added Start/Stop functionality at application level. Here are the screen shots


Saravana Kumar
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