We completely understand, it could be a tedious task evaluating a third party product like BizTalk 360 in between your busy work/personal schedules.

In recent days we were giving the Live demo one-to-one to our various potential customers. Every time after the demo we get lots of wow! factors, they either didn’t know or didn’t have time to evaluate.

So we decided to give a Live Demo of BizTalk 360 on 17th of August 2011, 3PM GMT. This should give you an idea of what BizTalk 360 is capable of, what problem it tries to address and how Microsoft? BizTalk Server customers can benefit from BizTalk 360.

Please register for the event at http://biztalk360.eventbrite.com.

We will greatly appreciate, if you can help us spread the word.


Saravana Kumar


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