Today when we were showing the demo of BizTalk 360 to some potential customers, the question was raised about the various deployment choices for BizTalk 360. This is one of the common questions we have seen recently on our customer engagements. Here are the choices

Scenario 1:

You can install BizTalk 360 in one of the BizTalk Server environments (production, non-production etc) and configure all the environments using the administration module. The user can then access BizTalk 360 via a url (something like http://production/biztalk360) and access all the environments configured. The super user will have the ability to assign various fine grained authorization to the users for various environments using the user management module.

Scenario #2

This is another common scenario, where customers don’t want to install any third party products like BizTalk 360 directly on their production environment. BizTalk 360 supports this scenario by allowing customers to install BizTalk 360 on a standalone server and point to various environments. In this case customers need to install BizTalk administration components (only) in the standalone server.


Saravana Kumar

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