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The Problem:

After configuring a brand new BizTalk 2013R2 production environment and requesting the needed firewall exclusions to the security department, we were unable to send messages to Azure ServiceBus using the SB-Messaging adapter in BizTalk 2013R2 (using ACS authentication). We found the following warning in the EventLog:

The adapter “SB-Messaging” raised an error message. Details “System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException: The X.509 certificate is not in the trusted people store. The X.509 certificate chain building failed. The certificate that was used has a trust chain that cannot be verified. Replace the certificate or change the certificateValidationMode. A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority.

The Solution:

Thanks to this post on StackOverflow I was able to fix the problem by “auto installing” the missing certificate.

The following steps solved our problem:

  1. Configure the company web proxy needed for internet connectivity on the server used by BizTalk for ServiceBus connectivity
  2. Use a .NET console test application to send/receive a dummy message to an Azure ServiceBus test queue
  3. Remove the web proxy config
  4. Repeat on every server
  5. Test using the BizTalk SB-Messaging Adapter

After using the console test application, we got the following info message in the eventlog:

Small sidenote regarding the .NET console test application, make sure you use the “AutoDetect” connectivity mode:

ServiceBusEnvironment.SystemConnectivity.Mode = ConnectivityMode.AutoDetect;