BizTalk 2010 hit the stands this week and quite prominently up on the BizTalk 2010
site there’s info about vNext.

The team has been busy and The BizTalk 2010 Developer Edition is free!

Lots of info up on the site – What’s New

  • During this What’s new, you’ll see that there is ’enhanced Trading
    Partner Management’ which typically gets flagged under EDI based solutions. In a later
    post I’ll show you how to work with Trading Partners from any solution, and the bit
    that has me excited is that we now can store an arbitrary set of name/value
    pairs against each Trading Partner
    (and their individual agreements).


Initial Training – BizTalk 2010 Training Kit –

The BizTalk Server 2010 training kit includes labs and training videos to help you
learn about the new features of BizTalk Server 2010.

This training kit contains the following content:
Hands On Labs

  • Creating BizTalk Maps with the new Mapper

  • Consuming a WCF Service

  • Publishing Schemas and Orchestrations as WCF Services

  • Integrating with Microsoft SQL Server

  • Integrating using the FTP Adapter

  • Developers – Create a Role and Party-based Integration Solution

  • Exploring the New Settings Dashboard

  • Monitoring BizTalk Operations using System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2

  • Administrators – Create a Role and Party-based Integration Solution


Enjoy and stay tuned for the integration unraveling in the near future 🙂