Hey folks, Alan Smith and myself (much more Alan this time 🙂 have brought the series back for another version and another year!
Myself and many other Biztalk MVPs and some great BizTalk-ers with fantastic real world experience share their knowledge.

As always the webcast series is designed to be an easy watch, level 200 ish and I’ve even had some folks reporting they watched the needy webcast on the way to clients to talk about for e.g. an EDI solution.

BizTalk 2010 Light And Easy Series – here’s where you’ll find the series http://www.cloudcasts.net/Default.aspx?category=BizTalk+Light+and+Easy
(Alan is in the process of uploading them)

  integration with BizTalk 2010 using the BizTalk WSS Adapter.

I created a 2 part episode – the first one deals with explaining the SharePoint 2010 environment, and the 2nd one deals with integration from BizTalk.

Here’s my recordings, PPTs and sample files.

Title WebCast PPT
Integration to SharePoint Part 1  Part 1 (110MB)  (2MB)
Integration to SharePoint Part 2  Part 2 (60MB)  (2MB)
Sample Code

Source Files