Hi folks,

What a great time we’re in at the moment. Cloud(s) are knocking a the door, local
devices, windows 8 etc.

No complaints from me that this world is getting more and more connected.

To maintain those connections and handle new ones – Microsoft BizTalk Server serves
as your on-premise middleware platform.

We’re running a course shortly on Design, Build and Manage your solutions within BizTalk

We have a wealth of knowledge around Integration and Cloud technologies. As you and
I know, integration is all about the systems you’re integrating with.

Here’s the details – and hope to see you there. Mick (you’re new Azure Integration

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday, November 16 2012


is BizTalk?

your business, BizTalk provides the “glue” to giving you a very
good integration foundation for both internal applications as well as the outside
world and giving you consistency across those interfaces as well.

is a platform that is durable, reliable and fault tolerant right across your services,
from email, FTP services, web services, database calls and much more, you will have
something that retries all of those for you.



provides a level of maturity to customer operations as well as consistency. It is
harder for customers to build themselves, the capabilities that BizTalk can offer
out of the box. Our experience is that customers often start out building smaller
applications here and there with eventually having over 100 applications talking to
each other in a very specific way, all in a very ad-hoc approach and all very speciailised.
Over time to maintain those systems becomes a big challenge for the client with increased
complexity along the way.

by introducing a uniform, a best practice way of doing something, “business rules”
such as within BizTalk, it eases that integration with the company to make it a lot
simpler and easier to manage and everyone gets visibility in to the activity of those
calls within the applications.


our customers are doing with BizTalk today

being a middleware product is being used in many different scenarios, from simple
file transfers right across to complex business process automation.

in one instance are getting real time notifications around FTP, where certain files
appear, then systems have to react or respond immediately instead of within a polling
interval that may occur at any time during the day. So being able to build out that
infrastructure and apply or update databases, all of that happens right across the
BizTalk layer, then exposed out via web services.

BizTalk forms another tool in the client toolkit, using the MS integration stack,
so on top of not only BizTalk and all of its’ capabilities and adapters, we have WCF
(Windows Communication Foundation), messaging, MSMQ and many others in the integration
stack, not to mention Azure and cloud hybrid solutions we can deploy and employ today.
So with clients it’s not just about providing BizTalk to solve a problem, it’s about
using the tools in the toolkit to meet their requirements, whatever the tools may
be, to solve their immediate challenge.

Blog Post by: Mick Badran