Folks Christmas and the holiday season has started with the BizTalk Team been busy and are opening up the BTS 2009 R2 TAP program on connect.

If you’re a customer (or have customers) that would/could benefit in working with
some of the newer BizTalk features – with the prospect of MS being able to have some
visibility into the solution, then go for it.

I’m looking fwd to the BizTalk Dashboard and a whole bunch of other enhancements.

Here’s a snip for you….



 BizTalk Server V6 Image

to the Microsoft BizTalk Server Connect website


We encourage you
to visit this site where we will keep you informed of Technology Adoption Programs
(TAP) and other customer pre-release programs for Microsoft BizTalk Server.


We have a number
of programs currently underway as well as several that will be starting up in the
near future.  If you are interested to participate in any of the programs below,
please register for the program by selecting the associated link, and return the completed
nomination form to .


Current Programs

  •  BizTalk
    Server 2009 R2
  • BizTalk
    Server 2006 R2 SP1 beta


 BizTalk Server 2009 R2


What’s planned
for the next BizTalk release?


2010 Support

  • Use
    of Visual Studio 2010 to develop application for BizTalk Server 2009 R2
  • Projects
    developed in VS 2008 can be seamlessly migrated to Visual Studio 2010




  • Enhanced
    user interface for better visualization of maps and to support complex mappings
  • Background
    noise reduction using highlight propagation, auto scrolling  and sibling coalescing
  • Support
    for search
  • Reusable
    parts for improved user productivity
  • Enhancements
    to the current functoids


Trading Partner Management (TPM)


Administration Console – Performance Enhancements

feature aims to improve BizTalk Administration Console performance across the board
by more than 60%. Key Scenarios like refresh, addition, deletion of port, enlistment
of an orchestration will be optimized. Post Enhancements, the BizTalk Administration
Console would be more responsive and address one of the key customer pain-points of
Console performance in BizTalk 2009.


Settings Dashboard

BizTalk Settings Dashboard will serve as a one-stop shop for BizTalk Engine settings
visualization and modification. This feature will enable BizTalk Administrators to
centrally manage BizTalk Settings as admins will be able to export and import settings
from one environment to another (for e.g. staging to production). The BizTalk Settings
Dashboard is a step forward in consolidating all BizTalk Settings and will incorporate
design extensibility to accommodate future addition of settings.


Management Pack

Improved System Center Management Pack will address key customer pain-points (e.g.
high-CPU usage, duplication of discovered artifacts etc.) in the existing Management
Pack. The new and improved design will also incorporate enhancement like better visualization
of BizTalk Application and Platform Artifacts, Improved monitoring and diagnostics
of artifacts like Orchestrations, Grouping of Alerts etc.


OOB Event Filtering and Delivery

scope for this feature covers providing a set of OOB components for Duplicate Elimination
filter, EPC based filter, DWELL filter, posting events from BizTalk RFID to BizTalk
Server, Posting events from BizTalk RFID to an EPCIS service and an Event Delivery
framework for applications to subscribe and receive asynchronous events. These Out
Of Box components address common RFID scenarios and will enable partners to focus
solely on business logic hence helping accelerate BizTalk RFID solutions.



FTP Adapter in BizTalk is one of the most popular transport adapter in BizTalk server,
used in different scenarios.  In BizTalk Server 2009 R2, we provide additional
features in the FTP adapter that includes the following:

Support for FTPS, FTP over SSL – Enables to connect to FTPS servers for transferring
files securely.  Both Implicit and Explicit FTPS are supported.

Support for read-only FTP servers – Enables configuration to pick up files from a
partner FTP server which may provide only read-only permission.  The adapter
will ensure that each file is submitted only once to BizTalk Server.

Support for atomic file writing – Can be used to ensure that files are read only after
they are transmitted fully to the FTP server.

%u00b7         Enhanced
performance – Re-designed to increase the performance, both while sending files to
as well as receiving files from FTP servers.  The adapter will be more resilient
to server going down.