Breaking News – July 29 2006 – Microsoft has released a supported hotfix for this issue but you must contact microsoft support services to obtain it.  The hotfix is supported but is not published on the support site because it has been classified as “confidential“. Refrence the KB article 918316  to obtain the fix

Applications that worked well under BTS 2004 may experience problems under BTS 2006 because of an apparent problem in the new SQL Adapter.   The error usually happens when you are expecting multiple rows/messages back from a SQL port.  The error looks something like the following.

Exception type: WrongBodyPartException
Source: Microsoft.XLANGs.BizTalk.Engine
Target Site: Void ReadMessageState(Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.Envelope, Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.XLANGMessage)
The following is a stack trace that identifies the location where the exception occured
   at Microsoft.BizTalk.XLANGs.BTXEngine.BTXXlangStore.ReadMessageState(Envelope env, XLANGMessage msg)
   at Microsoft.BizTalk.XLANGs.BTXEngine.BTXPortBase.ReceiveMessage(Int32 iOperation, Envelope env, XLANGMessage msg, Correlation[] initCorrelations, Context cxt, Segment s)
at CB.MMAHH_File.Orchestrations.CBHHDownloadStore.segment2(StopConditions stopOn)
at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.SegmentScheduler.RunASegment(Segment s, StopConditions stopCond, Exception& exp)

There is a hotfix being developed for this issue, but it is currently (as of time of writing) in pre-release and you have to contact microsoft for it. The KB number to reference is 918316 (Which does not seem to show on the MS Site yet). The file name is 273599_ENU_i386_zip.exe.

I would just give you a link but that might do more harm than good becuase the hotfix is not fully tested.  If you desperately need it and MS just can’t seem to get it to you, contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you.