The launch has been set and I couldn’t have it better as the BizTalk World Wide launch
is based in Sydney!!! Cool.

The Event is Free and would be a great chance for you to come on
down and talk to members from the BizTalk Product Group that are
flying over.

We’ll all be there and looking forward to the event.

Remember that an upgrade path exists from 2004, 2006 and 2006 R2 B2 to the release
of BTS.

Register here – R2

We’ve got a bunch of R2 sessions all lined up.

Full Agenda

8.45am – 9.15am


9.15am – 9.30am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Martin Gregory, Director of Server, Tools and Platform Strategy, Microsoft Australia

9.30am -10.10am

KEYNOTE – Six technology trends that will shape the next decade

Don Ferguson (see
full bio), Technical Fellow, Microsoft Corporation

The question that all IT organizations need to answer is – how can we utilise our
SOA and BPM investments to have greater impact for the business? This session will
focus on the business implications of SOA and BPM, and the investments Microsoft is
making to help senior technical leaders deliver on the promise of SOA and BPM.

10.10am – 10.40am


10.40am – 12.00 noon

Extending the Connected Enterprise

Oliver Sharp, General Manager, BizTalk Server, Microsoft Corporation

Every day, high-performing companies connect their internal departments, their support
networks, and their demand and supply chains. BizTalk Server 2006 R2 is the next step
in Microsoft’s long-term commitment to deliver the connected enterprise. In this session
we will introduce new capabilites for enhanced visibility at the edge of the enterprise.

12.00pm – 1.00pm



Healthcare/Public Sector

Supply Chain

Financial Services

1.00pm – 2.15pm

Health Information Networks – the Health Connect Engine

Werner Van Huffel, Health and Human Services Industry Strategist, Microsoft APAC

Many countries around the world are tackling the issues of providing better care,
more cost effective services and catering for the ever expanding requirements and
information that care provision demands of their people and infrastructure. The effective
use of Technology has been seen as a way in which assistance can be provided to the
environment to address the issues of delivering healthcare within the inherited constraints.
A major part of this technological ability lies within the features inherent within
the software that drives the technology. Health Information Networks are the technological
presentation of the management, interoperability and integration of healthcare data
between various systems, people and policy interactions – a drive to deliver knowledge
through the healthcare information infrastructure. The Microsoft vision for healthcare
information technology, Knowledge Driven Health, is driven through the use of the
Connected Health Framework – a vendor agnostic set of Architecture, Blueprint and
Design documents. This session will focus on this.

The World is Flat: Using Technology to achieve and maintain supply chain advantage
in the global marketplace

Steven Martin, Director, Connected Systems Division, Microsoft Corporation

As the face of the global economy continues to change, companies are under increasing
pressure to leverage federated supply chains – both within their organizations and
across the globe. And the rate of change makes agility a distinct competitive advantage.
BizTalk Server and BizTalk Services can help you not only connect supply chain management
systems within federated operating environments – driving real time visibility and
operating efficiencies – but also achieve a degree of business agility that can keep
you ahead of your competition. We’ll discuss how both Microsoft and our customers
are using technology to streamline operations, manage federated environments, and
drive business results.

SWIFTNet Funds & Payments using the BizTalk SWIFT Accelerator
James Bibby Business Manager, Sales Services S.W.I.F.T. Services Australia
Pty Ltd.

This session demonstrates the BizTalk SWIFT Accelerator to provide the most comprehensive,
reliable and secure delivery of financial messaging for customers in banking, capital
markets, payments and corporate finance.

2.15pm – 3.25pm

Shared Services between Government agencies using BizTalk

Christine Axton, Solutions Architect, Public Sector, Microsoft Australia

Federal and State governments are all working towards improving outcomes, value and
efficiency to their customers through the implementation of shared services. Super
clusters and consolidation all have a heavy requirement to provide process integration.
This session explains how the Microsoft process platform, BizTalk being the central
component – enables government to achieve this process transformation.

Orchestrating the real-time enterprise from plant to business with BizTalk

Anush Kumar, Snr Product Manager, BizTalk RFID, Microsoft Corporation (30 mins)
Phill Kenny, Managing Director, Bryn Systems (30mins)

Ready to unleash the potential of RFID information and enable a new class of solutions
that leverage the power of physical world data to drive real time competitive advantage?
In the upcoming release of BizTalk Server R2 Microsoft is shipping an innovative device
management and event processing platform at the edge of the enterprise, designed to
provide a scalable, extensible platform for development, deployment, and management
of rich RFID and sensor solutions. Core components include a device abstraction framework
and robust set of tools that enable customers and partners to build .NET based RFID
and sensor applications, enabling businesses to drive efficiencies in real time via
native integration of RFID data with the BPM capabilities of BizTalk Server. Hear
from local partner, Bryn Systems, regarding implementations of R2 at Boeing and Chep.

Integration-centric implementation of BPM in Financial Services

Craig van Zeyl, CEO and Founder, Dataract Pty Ltd

With the inclusion of BizTalk in the Microsoft BPM stack it is now possible to integrate
all facets of enterprise process management. The Microsoft BPM stack is the only stack
that effectively integrates system to system, system to human and human to human business
processes. Add to that the document management capabilities of the Microsoft stack
which are key to incorporating unstructured documents, messages and images into your
BPM initiative and we now have the world’s most comprehensive BPM platform.

3.25pm – 3.55pm


3.55pm – 5.10pm

The Microsoft Customer Care Framework – an integrated customer service desktop
powered by BizTalk

Lawrence Crumpton
Regional Specialist, Microsoft Customer Care Framework

The Microsoft Customer Care Framework (CCF) provides a single view of the numerous
processes, applications, and systems that agents and self-service channels are required
to access in order to resolve customer issues and offer increased customer satisfaction.
This session will walk you through a variety of scenarios on how CCF can “Aggregate,
Automate, and Accelerate” your plans to streamline your customer care operations and
add value to your business.

Managing high volume transactions using B2B in the manufacturing and retail

Ian Lister, General Manager, GXS Australia; Miguel Herrera, Web & E-Commerce Technical
Lead, Visy (30mins)

In our increasingly federated world, businesses rely on partners and supply chains
for their daily operations. BizTalk Server 2006 R2 provides a very cost effective
and powerful B2B integration platform allowing enterprises to automate electronic
transactions with their trading partners. See the GXS Trading Grid for Microsoft BizTalk
in action with local customers such as Visy.

ASB – One Step Ahead with BizTalk Server R2

Robert Maher – Strategy and Architecture; Chris Robb – Practice Manager, ASB Bank,

ASB has a long history of innovation. As one of New Zealand’s leading financial services
providers ASB was selected by the Government to provide a default scheme for the new
retirement savings initiative – KiwiSaver. The KiwiSaver project involves real time
B2B integration with the government using the AS2 messaging protocol. This session
will explain how ASB utilised nearly every new feature in BizTalk R2 to develop the
KiwiSaver platform.

Keeping the Lights On: Managing mission critical processes in Australia’s
National Electricity Market using Microsoft BizTalk Server

Tony Barnes, Managing Director, Utilisoft (30 mins)

The de-regulation of global energy markets has given consumers and businesses freedom
to choose who supplies their electricity and gas and has led to radical reform of
energy markets. Innovative new products and services are being now being delivered
by energy retailers including Green and Renewable Energy products, driven by customer
demand. Technological innovations such as Smart Metering, environmental concerns about
global warming and carbon trading programmes continue to drive further substantial
change in this industry as an unprecedented rate. Utilisoft has developed a market-leading
software application in Microsoft BizTalk Server which manages the complex and highly
regulated B2B data flow interactions between retailers, networks and meter data collectors
which are mandatory for participation in Australia’s giant National Electricity Market.
Utilisoft will discuss how they deliver high-volume, mission critical information
systems which manage key energy market processes and underpin market participation.

5.10pm – 6.10pm

Launch Reception Drinks

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