I was recently asked if I would provide some insight into solving a BizTalk problem.  It’s some time since I have blogged on BizTalk in depth, and the question gave me an excuse to write something on my favourite integration tool.   Advanced BizTalk developers will know all about this subject, but if your are fairly new to BizTalk, this might be of help. 

In the given scenario, data stored in flat files in being delivered to the BizTalk message box via a pass-through pipeline.   An orchestration subscribes to these messages and creates XML output.   Each time a file is processed, the developer wants to ‘dump’ the contents of the flat file into an element in the output.   Other information, including the file name, is also included in the XML output.

The question I was asked was ‘how do you access the content of the flat file messge in an orchestration’.   The answer is fairly straight-forward, but there are things to learn on the way…

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