BizTalk 2004, 2006: Access to new object (schema etc) from other project

Let see the example: I always have several projects in the BizTalk solution. I create a new schema in the …Schemas project, build a new assembly. But I can not access the new schema from the …Orchestration project. When I use, for example, “Schemas pick up” window, the new schema is not in the list. It happens not only with schemas but with other objects too.

The new objects are not automatically getting visible from others projects.

How can I get them visible?
If I delete the reference to the …Schemas project in the …Orchestration project and create it again, the new schema is going to be visible.
And I know faster way. 🙂
I start to Build the …Orchestration project. If I’ve got the errors I don’t mind. The references of the project are going upgraded in the beginning of the building process. And it is what I want.

Comments are appretiated 🙂