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So I guess most of you are aware that benchmarking of the environment and your applications are critical for your environment, when it comes to tuning and to see how well your applications are performing, we often end up with requirements like “We need to transfer 100 messages a minute” we all go “okay” but how good is it in the end, and where is the biggest bottleneck?

I spent hours using performance counters and parsing them through PAL to get the information I needed to estimate the throughput we were giving and where the bottleneck was located. After doing this for too long I decided to create a simple WPF application to give me some of the data I needed, although there still is some elements missing I get some of the important data in one view.

Based on the duration of the test the results is gathered and you get both live and somewhat historical data when the test is done.


The program mainly use the performance counters, but some SQL queries to get environmental information and some simple C# commands to restart hsots. The tools is still in beta and is under “development” which means I still release extra stuff to it when I need something I don’t have there, if you have any questions please let me know.

you can download the tool (BizTalk Benchmark Analyzer) here:

Feel free to come with updates and improvements, the source code is out there.