My colleague Gijs (BizTalk MVP) pointed me towards benchmark tool for BizTalk. This wizard checks the performance of your BizTalk Server installation using pre-existing scenarios and validates it against some known results. I thought I will give it a spin on my VPC (sandbox BizTalk 2009 environment with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and Windows 2008 Enterprise). Installation process is describe on this blogpost. Run script:

Install Bench

If follow up the rest of process and you have your Benchmark tool set to go. Start Wizard, give correct database name, let check prerequisites and select a scenario:

Scenario Wizard

In this case a Single Server Installation with orchestration with singel messagebox.

Scenario Wizard 2

Scenario Wizard 3

Fill in details (server name, test duration), start Indigo service.

Scenario Wizard 4 

Test service:

Scenario Wizard 5

Run the test:

Scenario Wizard 6

and then finally the results as test is running:

Scenario Wizard 7

Scenario Wizard 8

This test runned inside my VPC, with 1024 Mb memory and 1 CPU (Centrino Vpro Dual Core). Test did succeed completly:

Scenario Wizard 9

I finished with report that creates PDF for you. I must say I am very pleased with this tool, easy to install and to setup tests via a scenario. Of course this is just a single machine and representative for a real scenario (i.e. High availability). I will use it again soon when I am going to set a high available environment (clustered SQL 2008, two BizTalk instances).

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