I’m working on several projects and I have to switch between BizTalk 2004 and BizTalk 2006.  Since they aren’t supported in a ‘side-by-side’ manner I’ve kept BizTalk 2004 on my base machine and run BizTalk 2006 in Virtual PC.


Sometimes I need to have a lot of applications running on my machine so I don’t always have enough memory to have BizTalk 2004 running and also run the BizTalk 2006 VPC image so I’ve create two batch scripts to start and stop BizTalk 2004 related services on my base machine:



net start MSSQLServer


net start MSSQLServerOLAPService

net start MSDTC

net start RuleEngineUpdateService

net start ENTSSO

net start BTSSvc{YourGuidGoesHere}





net stop BTSSvc{YourGuidGoesHere }


net stop ENTSSO

net stop RuleEngineUpdateService

net stop MSDTC


net stop MSSQLServer

net stop MSSQLServerOLAPService




·         Copy and paste the scripts into a text editor and save them with a .bat extension. 

·         Replace the ‘YourGuidGoesHere’ with your host instances Guid.  The Guid will be part of the host instance’s ‘Service name’ which you can find using the Services MMC.

·         If you try to use these with BizTalk 2006, the host instance service names have changed format.  The new format is BTSSvc$YourHostName.

·         If you have additional host instances you’ll need to add them to your version of the scripts.

·         Use these at your own risk and make sure these scripts are appropriate for your machine and situation before attempting to use them.

·         Do not use these scripts on non-development environments (MSBTS_HostInstance should be used in non-DEV environment to start and stop host instances via scripts.)

·         To use the .bat files you created Double-click them or execute them CMD.exe.