Some of the team (Darryl, Sean, Frank) have all blogged about launching today. I have spent some time this afternoon taking it for a drive and pushing some feedback to the guys to improve some little niggles that are still lingering around here and there.

As Sean said the videos of the three sessions from the connect events are also available on the site (1,2,3) – decks (1,2,3).

There will also be an update to the Background motion code on codeplex early next week.

What I wanted to do was provide a 10 minute intro of how you can use beta and free tools and services to share video backgrounds through BackgroundMotion today.

So please check it out!

Double click on the video to play full screen, once full screen single click to “unpause”

function CreateSilverlight(){Sys.Silverlight.createHostedObjectEx({source: “streaming:/15799/bm”,parentElement: bmWrapper});}

var bmWrapper = document.getElementById(“bmWrapper”);

Oh yeah the moderation aspect of the site will be switched on early next week. It is being done by a chunk of users in the community with an authenticated sidebar gadget installed. The gadget allows the moderators to approve peoples submitted content. This means that your videos/ photos might not show up straight away…or at all if you choose to post dodgy content.

Some of the tools that I used in my video preview…

1. Roxio Buzz (or alternatively Expression Media Encoder with this workaround)

2. Flickr Uploader


4. Oh yeah and Windows Vista Ultimate to test 😉

The extra for experts section is to build a client application (Grab the code for jetfuel when James releases it) to automate all the steps I did in the video 😉

Next week I’ll post some more videos showing you how the moderation works in BackgroundMotion as well as a mash-up of the site into Microsoft Pop Fly.

Get out there shooting you videos this weekend!

Also I noticed that a new drop of has landed that supports Orcas and Workflow Services. Check it out as well!