There’s a new Bloggers Guide out today. I missed the March release, (moving apartments, painting, laying floors etc.). There will be a May release in a couple of weeks, and I will add the new blogs that have been submitted (sorry I could not get them in this release guys). The 5MB size restriction of GotDotNet may cause problems in the future, (the current ZIP file is 5.26MB, so I’m not sure when (or if) the restriction will kick in).


Get it here.


In other news, I am now a BizTalk MVP, so if anyone is working with BizTalk in the Nordic region, feel free to contact me via my blog if you need any help/advice/tips with the product. I plan to hold a “Learning BizTalk” session with the Sweden .net User Group in Stockholm sometime after the summer, I’ll post here when I get further details.