I’ve just had my longest vacations in the last 4 or 5 years. And it was great :-). The week started off with the MVP Summit 08 in Seattle, with several sessions about what’s coming in the Connected Systems space, namely with things like BizTalk Oslo, modeling and "D", tooling, and many an interesting thing I can’t unfortunately talk about. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn a bit more about BizTalk Services and what’s coming in that space, and do a lot of networking. This year in the Connected Systems space I had Pedro Félix as company, the recently-awarded and only Portuguese "Connected Systems Developer" MVP.

Since the Summit, BizTalk Server R3 (the "old girlfriend", as it was amusingly called at the a session) was announced by Steve Martin, and will included a set of interesting new features. Not quite a revolution, but interesting developments anyway. The BizTalk Hotrod #4 issue is out for you to check out (I especially liked the ESB Exception Management and WF Hosting in BizTalk articles).

Anyway, just wanted to ping: I’m back. 🙂

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