Folks, this is Scotty’s 2nd presentation
this week where he shares is love, scripts and years of experience in Managing Azure
Applications (Breeze started back in early 2008).

Tune into this free event and to hear & see what Scotty has on offer.


LIVE Meeting: Managing Windows Azure

Event ID: 1032500972

Language(s):  English.
Product(s):  Microsoft
BizTalk Server and Windows Azure.

you just made your first Windows Azure deployment. Now what? Is it healthy? How many
instances do you need? What will my bill be? When do I need to scale up? Was that
a DoS attack? Will auto-patching break me? Getting an application into Windows Azure
is the first step, now you have to run the application for the next three years. Come
to this session and see how to manage and operate your Windows Azure applications.


Blog Post by: Mick Badran