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Another day, another inquiry/survey! Honestly, I love this new interaction from the Logic App team. They are constantly looking to learn from the field: clients, partners, consultants, how are we using Azure Integration Services, how are we using BizTalk Server, what features we need, and so on to improve the overall experience in the existing Enterprise Integration features available on Azure Integration Services as well as knowing how to decide which and how the following features will be.

Logic App Pricing & container Survey

So once again, the Azure Logic Apps team wants to enter your brain and is looking to learn more about what you need for your Enterprise Integration landscape and do things right for you both in terms of features as well as a business model. This survey was released at INTEGRATE 2022 conference, but even if you didn’t attend the conference, your input is also important to them:

  • Which Logic Apps SKU are you using?
  • How important are certain features for your organization for integration workloads? Like:
    • Out-of-the-box Connectors
    • VNET Support
    • Disaster Recovery
    • and so on
  • How satisfied are you with certain capabilities in Logic Apps? Like:
    • Out-of-the-box Connectors
    • Enterprise Connectors like SAP or MQ
    • Integration Account
    • and so on
  • Rating ‘pricing’ principles by order of importance for your organization for iPaas products like Logic Apps
  • Based on your business strategy and preferences, how would you rate specific pricing models for your iPaas needs? Like:
    • Fixed cost
    • Consumption-based
    • and so on
  • If Logic Apps Premium connectors were offered through a model other than consumption-based, what would be your order of preference?
  • How satisfied are you with the Logic Apps pricing model for Logic Apps, ISE, connectors, and so on?
  • For applying policies such as network configuration, DLP (Data loss protection) policies, security policies, at what scope do you prefer to apply them?
  • For leveraging configurations such as EDI artifacts (Partners, Agreements), connection parameters, application parameters, CMK (customer managed keys), etc, at what scope do you prefer to apply them?
  • Logic Apps Standard provides you single tenancy, and customers bring their own compute. How do you prefer to use this compute across applications?

The Logic App team is super focused on improving their offering and creating a product that delights their customers from diverse industry segments and all sizes.

Once again, don’t complain in the future about the lack of features that will suit you better. The survey does not take that long to respond to.

I did my part!

Please fill out the following survey to help Azure Logic Apps: