With the ever changing Azure space, chances are you’ve had services working a treat
and then one day just fail.

“Can’t connect” etc.

This has happened to me twice this week – with over 14 IP Address ranges defined in
the client’s firewall rules.

It appears that my service bus services were spun up or assigned another IP outside
the ’allowed range’.

It gets frustrating at times as generally the process goes as follows:

1) fill out a form to request firewall changes. Include as much detail as possible.

2) hand to the client and they delegate to their security/ops team to implement.

3) confirmation comes back.

4) start up ServiceBus service

5) could work?? may fail – due to *another* IP address allocated in Windows Azure
not on the ’allowed list of ranges’.

6) fill out another form asking for another IP Address

By the 3rd iteration of this process it all is beginning to look very unprofessional.
(in comparison, these guys are used to tasks such as ’Access to SQL Server XXX – here’s
the ports, there’s the machine and done’. Azure on the other hand – ’What IP Addresses
do you need? What ports?’ we need better information in this area)

Anyway – here’s the most update to date list 10/02/2011.


Blog Post by: Mick Badran