Folks – we’re into week 2 of the 6 weeks of Azure program and as I was planning these
sessions out with Christian last year, I thought I’d like to bring some fun
into the mix

There’s many possibilities that you can do in Azure, but none other than building
a bit of h/w, programming it & having it talk to Azure! Monitored, controlled
– how good is that.

Enter the FEZ

(There’s also the Raspberry PI’s that run a flavour of Linux with a deployment of
Mono – that let’s you run C# code straight onto a $35 computer! – I’ll save that for
another post)

FEZ Kits

These are the ’mans lego’ kit as I like to think of them as.

What makes these kits cool:

  • they run a flavour of .NET – .NET Microframework. So yes you can write C# etc that
    runs on the device.
  • you can get many many additional modules for
    these to plug into your masterpiece – things like temperature sensors, light sensors,
    colour sensors etc.
  • they run off USB power, even a set of 4 AAA batteries would do it.
  • you program them via USB cable from Visual Studio.
  • *rich* community and developer support –

FYI – my kit I’ve added to over time and I’ve also got a Raspberry PI that
I play with
(good NFC reader).

My FEZ KIT on the left, with the PI on the right in my beautiful Lego box


Now the best thing is that the FEZ Hydra kit (above) will
be available to you (as a prize and the like) on the BOOTCAMPS as part of the 6 weeks
of Azure.

Let me know how you get on and if you’ve got any questions about these guys – they’re
great and good for developers.

— from the official blurb —-
6 Weeks of Azure

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Blog Post by: Mick Badran