Hi folks,

Scotty (aka Sco the Stig) Scovell is
presenting this week on

Must-Have Tools for Windows Azure
as part of Microsoft Readiness.

We’d love to see you there – free event

LIVE Meeting: Ten Must-Have Tools
for Windows Azure

Event ID: 1032500970

Language(s):  English.
Product(s):  Microsoft
BizTalk Server and Windows Azure.

platform, by its own nature, creates an ecosystem for third-party tools and helpers.
Windows Azure is no different. In this session we look at a variety of the third-party
tools available in the Windows Azure ecosystem. Included are tools for both developers
and IT professionals. We look at tools that will help manage storage and resources,
migration, scaling, diagnostics and software components that will help you build cloud


Blog Post by: Mick Badran