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Imagine having just purchased BizTalk Server, and you need to get it up and running with all the monitoring setup for the various artifacts, etc. You are just finding your legs and can find it difficult to understand all the various aspects of the product.

Automate Alarm Creation in BizTalk360

When our new customers on board with us they often want to get started with the product immediately and see it in action. They want the alarms setup and see how the monitoring features works.

Being a part of the Support & Client Relationship team, often when introducing new customers to our product BizTalk360 we have encountered this question –

Do you have a quick Alarm setup that will setup some alarms for us, for each of the applications?

So, it has been in our pipeline for some time now to bring something useful in Alarm creation to help our customers.

One of our technical Leads – Lex Hegt had already written an article sometime back to achieve the same. I thought a fresh blog on it might help those who have not come across it.

Kovai.BizTalk360.CreateAlarms.exe is a windows application which uses some Nuget-packages.

All you need to have to run this application is

  • URL of BizTalk360
  • A BizTalk360 authorized Windows Account

Typically, in your BizTalk environment, you will manually create your BizTalk360 Alerts after the BizTalk application has been deployed. Most of our customers use BizTalk360 Alerts to monitor the state of the different artifacts.

To minimize the amount of effort required, or if you are new to the product …  there is a way to automate the alarm creation which will save some of your productive time.

This application has been specifically designed with that goal in mind. It will go through your applications and create Alarms with all the Send Ports, Receive Locations & Orchestrations mapped for monitoring.

Automate Alarm Creation in BizTalk360

Setup Steps

  1. You can specify the state you are interested in monitoring in the ‘Create Alarm’ setup page when you start the Application.
  2. You can also ensure that the alarms are Disabled so you can go through them to check if they are as per your expectations before you enable them for use.


Any existing alarms created with the Application Name only will be deleted, as this is the alarm that the application generates (It creates Alarms based on the Application name).

Automate Alarm Creation in BizTalk360

  1. You can also setup certain parameters that you generally setup in the Alarm creation page – E.g. Violation persists (minutes) & ‘limit the no of Alerts’ & ‘Notify on success’.

The alarms created will be Threshold Monitoring Alarms.

With this kind of monitoring, you get notified in case a threshold occurs. For example, that can be a Receive Location which was Disabled, while it should be Enabled or any other artefact which is mapped in the alarm and is in an unexpected state.

While the original application along with its code is still available, we have provided this downloadable exe with a few changes, as the API’s for BizTalk360 have changed since then.

Automate Alarm Creation in BizTalk360

So, I hope this executable helps those who are looking for a quick Alarm setup for all the basic artifact monitoring. Of course, once these alarms are created per application, you can edit them and then add more artifacts as required so you have a fully monitored BizTalk server environment.

You can write to us at Have a try at our latest version by downloading a 14-day free trial of BizTalk360.