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A few months ago, my dear friend Wagner Silveira asked me if I was interested in giving a talk at the Auckland Connected Systems User Group since they were planning to start doing online events in the user group because of COVID-19 and they were planning to invited speakers from overseas, since now this was an online event, and that one of the first names that were dropped was mine.

I usually never say no to these invites, I love doing talks about topics I care and love, especially doing it locally in person, but in this case, and the way the invite was made, I couldn’t refuse… but be aware I still plan to visit New Zealand in the future!

Nevertheless, it will be a challenge. I need to be awake at 6 AM to deliver this session! I can’t say that this will be the first time I will deliver a session with a coffee cup in the hand because I still remember the first time I went to Norway, in the old days of the BizTalk Crew, and because of a problem in Oslo airport, my flight was forced to land in Sweden. So, I had to travel all night without sleeping to be in Stavanger at 9 AM to know that the schedule was changed, and I was delivering the first session! Since that day, I question myself if Tord Nordahl is my friend.

Logic Apps: Best practices, tips and tricks

I would like you to invite you to join us at the Auckland Connected Systems User Group meeting that will happen on June 30, 2020. This will be the first time I will be delivering a session in the user group but I hope it will be the first of many.

AbstractLogic Apps: Best practices, tips and tricks

Azure Logic Apps helps you build powerful integration solutions by automating your workflows without writing a single line of code. In this session, I will be highlighting 10 tips you should know for being more productive and building more reliable, effective Logic Apps. We will also do a reflection to your existing Logic Apps processes and will go through a list of must-have best practices, tips, and tricks that will allow you to build more reliable and effective workflows. At the same time, these will allow you to be more productive and document your workflows from the beginning

Join us and reserve your presence at the Auckland Connected Systems User Group meeting it is free!

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