You will find an important paper in your orange attendee bag that you received during registration yesterday. It contains a special offer from Pluralsight & Infragistics:

The offer is for a free 1-month subscription to our Pluralsight On-Demand! .NET training library. This gives you enough time to complete 1 or 2 .NET training courses. However, in order to take advantage of the offer, you have to register for the offer by April 18th, this Sunday! If you wait until after April 18th, the code will still be good for another 2 months, but it will only give you a free 1-week pass to the library.

When talking to attendees at our booth yesterday, it was clear that most attendees hadn’t seen the paper or the offer, so we wanted to make everyone knows about it, and that you don’t throw the paper away. 😉

Come see us at the booth today if you need another copy of the offer. Also, Pluralsight & Infragistics will be raffling off some prizes today and tomorrow (at the end of the exhibit time). Check in with us today for details.

Hope you’re enjoying Teched India 2010!