ASP.NET AJAX has just RTM-ed, cool! Even cooler: Daniel Larson has released the SharePoint AJAX Toolkit on CodePlex, which uses the ASP.NET AJAX framework. This sounds very promising!

Daniel writes: ASP.NET Ajax Extensions (aka Atlas) have been released (finally!), and I’ve been saving up some code for the release which I’ll post shortly. (Get eh 1.0 RTM bits here: ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0)The SharePoint Ajax Toolkit is also ready for release and is available as a WSP (SharePoint Solution Package) here with some nifty new features, including a Solution Package based installer that allows FULL no-touch deployment and registers the Atlas httpHandlers, as well as a Refresh interval programmed into the XmlWebPart (a great solution for SharePoint list RSS feeds). Included is one web part, the Xml Web Part (with a default RSS reader XSLT which can be set to auto refresh), and the core framework for AJAX developers. The source code is recommended for SharePoint developers.

Mmm, I guess my colleague Kevin (hey Kevin, when do you start a blog?), who is going to teach the first U2U ASP.NET AJAX training in two weeks, will have to give me an AJAX crash-course! 🙂

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