We are happy to share that starting April 9, 2010, Windows Azure platform AppFabric will be commercially available on a paid and fully SLA-supported basis.  


In order to help you get familiarized with AppFabric billing, we released the AppFabric Billing Preview yesterday March 9. With this billing preview, you will be able to download a usage summary from the AppFabric Developer Portal, with information similar to that of the “daily usage summary” currently available to you for Windows Azure and SQL Azure.


If you are already using AppFabric, we will begin charging as of April 9, 2010 at 12:00 AM GMT. You can find our pricing for AppFabric here. You can also go to the pricing section of our FAQs for additional information as well as our pricing blog post. If you do not desire to be charged for AppFabric, please remove any applications that are currently utilizing these services prior to this date. 


Thank you for your continued interest and business.



The Windows Azure platform AppFabric Team