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We are very happy to announce a wonderful tool provided by MSIT, the tool will help in a multiple scenarios around migrating your environment or even taking backup of your document applications.

It comes with few inbuilt intelligence like

  • Connectivity test of source and destination SQL Instance or Server
  • Identify BizTalk application sequence
  • Retain file share permissions
  • Ignore zero KB files
  • Ignore files which already exist in destination
  • Ignore BizTalk application which already exist in destination
  • Ignore Assemblies which already exist in destination
  • Backup all artifacts in a folder.
Features Available Features Unavailable
  • Windows Service
  • File Shares (without files) + Permissions
  • Project Folders + Config file
  • App Pools
  • Web Sites
  • Website Bindings
  • Web Applications + Virtual Directories
  • Website IIS Client Certificate mapping
  • Local Computer Certificates
  • Service Account Certificates
  • Hosts
  • Host Instances
  • Host Settings
  • Adapter Handlers
  • BizTalk Applications
  • Role Links
  • Policies + Vocabularies
  • Orchestrations
  • Port Bindings
  • Assemblies
  • Parties + Agreements
  • BAM Activities
  • BAM Views + Permissions
  • SQL Logins
  • SQL Database + User access
  • SQL Jobs
  • Windows schedule task
  • SSO Affiliate Applications

Download the tool here

For a small guide take a look here