Yesterday I blogged about some recent findings regarding both system cost and performance when comparing Windows Server 2008 on an HP Blade Server against AIX on a POWER 570/POWER6 based server. As I stated, the tests showed that WebSphere loved running on Windowsto the tune of 66% cost savings and with better performance.


We encourage customers, third parties and IBM to check out the findings, run the sample apps and let us know what they find. IBM had a thought, but not about the results, just the fine print. Let me be clear: we stand behind our testing methodology and the results it generated. To prove it, we’ll pay for the bake-off.  Here is our open letter to IBM:


Dear Ron,


I know you are just as interested in saving customers money and improving performance as we are which is why our recent tests caught your eye. To demonstrate my confidence in the numbers we have produced, I’d like to propose having a third party re-run the benchmark tests and publish the results.  To make it easy, I’ll put my money where my mouth is and fund it.  Are you in?


Hope to hear back soon!