Not that I’m surprised by this move; I mean, who would expect Amazon to sit on their laurels and let Microsoft claim the masses of .NET developers. One of my main complaints with AWS has been the lack of tooling for consuming the services.  Having a REST API provides great reach and flexibility, but if you truly want to get people building on your platform, often you have to lower the bar to entry.  This SDK is aimed squarely at Azure and comes just one week before PDC – smart marketing Amazon.  It appears, at a quick glance, that the SDK provides simple .NET wrappers around the web APIs for AWS and source code of course gives you ultimate flexibility to modify.  What it doesn’t have is something to compare to the developer fabric for building and testing your Azure applications locally. give the services they provide, this makes sense, but I wonder if people will really see this as comparable to the Azure development tools. 

Read about this SdK and other news from Amazon on their website.