If you are an Amazon Associates it is possible to view a report over the Daily Trend for your account. This gives you the following information:

Amazon Daily Trend report in XML format

  • AMZUnits (Items Ordered (Amazon) – how many products have been ordered, where Amazon is the seller
  • Clicks (Clicks) – how many total visitors you have generated
  • Conversion (Conversion)- how much did you sell compared to how many visitors you have. Note that it uses the total units sold, so if you have one customer that buys two products you have a Conversion rate of 200%
  • Date (Date (yyyy/mm/dd)) – the day of the visit (Only in the Day structure)
  • Units (Total Items Ordered) – the total amount of products that have been sold both with Amazon as the seller and 3rd party seller that uses Amazons platform.
  • Visitors (Unique Visitors)- the unique number of visitors. If you refer the same customer twice it only counts as one unique visitor
In the above list the first name is the name in the XML file and the name in parents is the name of the column in the web page report.
Amazon daily trend report in diagram format
So what can you use this data for? You can use this information to see how many you refer to Amazon on a daily basic. If you use the Unique Visitors and compare it to the same measure in Goggle Analytics you will be able to see what you conversion rate is to Amazon. How many of your users uses a link/ad/widget to go to Amazon to consider to buy a product. 
You should use this information to find out where on your pages you have the most success to add links to Amazon that send users to Amazon. Try to place you links/ads/widgets on different locations on your pages to find the optimal way to send customers to Amazon and get a nice referral rate.