Hi all

So, a colleague of mine is integrating with AS/400 and this system seems to be sending
all strings as all-uppercase. So a company name might look like this: “JANS SUPERCOMPANY
A/S”. This really isn’t what he wants output in the end, so I have built a functoid
and added it to my downloadable collection, which converts the “JANS SUPERCOMPANY
A/S” into “Jans Supercompany A/S”. It has an optional set of strings that are not
to be messed with 🙂

Examples of output from the functoid. The second parameter is optional.

First input Second input Output
jan eliasen   Jan Eliasen
jan eliasen A/S JAn JAn Eliasen A/s
JAN ELIASEN A/S Jan,A/S Jan Eliasen A/S
This is a test string for the functoid tHIS,A,fOr,silly tHIS Is A Test String fOr the functoid

As always, you can download the functoid at http://www.eliasen.eu/DownloadSoftware.aspx
where you can also download the documentation.