I’ve just found out the hard way that GAC’ed publisher policy assemblies do not chain. When you have a policy.1.0, redirecting the binding of assembly v1.0.0.0 to assembly v1.1.0.0 and also having a policy.1.1, for redirecting the binding of assembly 1.1 to assembly 1.2, this doesn’t result in a binding to the assembly 1.2 when your app requests 1.0 (but rather to 1.1). If you want this kind of binding-behavior I guess you will have to use publisher policy versioning.
Why do I tell all this? Well, I’ve never read anything about this before so I thought it would be nice to mention here.
I also want to thank Alan Shi, who confirmed and explained this binding behavior to me. For more excellent information regarding the GAC and Fusion you should definitely visit his blog here.