First of all I would like to apologise to anyone that attended the Technical briefing in Wellington yesterday and was looking forward to my session on “Building Applications Users Love”. I will be making a video of this session available after next weeks event in Christchurch to share with you all through my blog.

For those of you that are not parents you may not be familiar with the NZ tradition of coffee group. Mothers with babies the same age living in the same area meet once a week at a different home to socially interact. This is a great outreach for mothers that have after years of being powerfull business woman left the work force to embark on a new journey.

Last Friday was coffee group as normal… one baby had been sick days before and come Sat night/ Sunday morning adults, babies entire families were all infected. Amasing how contagious this thing is! From 1 to 8 infected in 4 days.

Indigo (my 11 month old daughter) was hit Sat evening with myself affected Monday evening and my wife early Tuesday morning. We spent Tue & Wed in starship childrens hospital with little Indigo undergoing rehydration. I am working from home today as I fear I’m still contagious to others… unfortunately I will miss Intergen’s UX Twilight tonight but I’m sure Sam Allen and the team will do a stellar job.

It is great to know that I can reluctantly pull out of an event that is so important to us all and have Darryl, Jeremy, JD, Mike and Sean pick up the load. You guys rock and i’ll be back on board shortly. Look out for!