There is a new BizTalk blog. Another one, yes targeted for BizTalk administrators. Why? There are many blogs out there. Yet most of them are focused on the developer. There is not much on BizTalk administrative topics nor one blog where BizTalk administrators share their knowledge, and experience between each other and with the community. Jeroen Hendriks from Axon Olympus started an initiative to create a blog for BizTalk professionals with a heart for managing BizTalk. He talked this through with me sharing some thoughts and a game plan. We took from there and blog is live now!
You can join as contributor by contacting Jeroen (administrator and owner) through Contact Us. Currently besides me and Jeroen, two more professionals from the field joined: Tord Glad Nordahl and Howard S. Edidin. Probably more BizTalk professionals will join over time. I hope many will contribute and even more will read this blog.