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In the last blog post I spoke about how to add, or fix, text annotation bellow the shapes and how you can do it in a reusable way. On this blog post, we will be addressing another top complaint regarding my Microsoft Integration, Azure, BAPI, Office 365 and much more Stencils Pack for Visio package: Connector points.

A connection point is a special point on a shape that you can “glue” connectors and other shapes to. When you glue a connector or shape to a connection point, they stay connected, even if one of the shapes is moved.

Add a connection points on Visio Stencils

Connection points become visible when you try to connect one shape to another. You see a shape’s connection points when you hover near the shape with the Connector Tool or drag the endpoint of any connector or line near a shape that has connection points.

Add a connection points on Visio Stencils

if the shape you want to glue a connector to does not have a connection point where you want it, you can add one.

  • Select the shape.
  • On the Home tab, in the Tools group, click the Connection Point tool Button image.
Add a connection points on Visio Stencils
  • If connection points are not visible, on the View tab, in the Visual Aids group, select the Connection Points checkbox.
  • Press Ctrl and click where you want to add a connection point. The new connection point is automatically selected after you place it.
  • On the Home tab, in the Tools group, click Pointer Tool Select Objects to resume normal editing.
Add a connection points on Visio Stencils

Tips and Tricks – Fix or Add connector points on Visio Stencils (Video)

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