I’m currently kicking back at the partner conf. here on Hamilton Island – I have to
kick myself to remind me that I am on a conference. Beautiful scenery and temperature….I’m
sure you get the classic sunset palm tree over a beach image in your mind……..no
more need to be said.

What I did want to share – I’m currently listening to Ian Polangio (MS Sharepoint
TS) where he brought up a couple of great (beta) Search sites.

1. http://mrsdewey.com/ –
here’s a talking person who acts and ‘shows’ parts of your search results.
(She has a bit of attitude to boot as well)

2. http://www.tafiti.com/ –
silverlight based search site. Builds trees and it’s quite interactive.
I did a search on my name ‘Mick Badran’ and some interesting results came up 🙂

Very interactive in Silverlight – lots of things spinning and moving and pinning