Last week I was teaching the U2U Advanced SharePoint Development course in Brussels when one of my students showed me a web part he had created. The web part showed a cool 3D chart (rendered with Adobe Flex) based on some data coming from a SharePoint list. This idea inspired me to create an addition to the SmartTools project on CodePlex: the SmartTools.Charts component. The SmartTools.Charts component contains a web part that can show charts rendered by making use of a very cool open source Silverlight control created by Visifire (since I don’t have any knowledge about Adobe Flex). The web part can be configured to read data from any list or document library of that site on which it’s placed. At the end of this post you can see a screenshot of the web part in action. I’ve created a small video as well since the charts have some fancy animations when they’re shown, so you need to see it in motion! A high resolution version of that video can be download from this page (bottom right). If you’d like to try the SmartTools.Charts component, you can download a first beta version from the CodePlex site (direct link to the releases). Since this is an early beta version, things can go wrong, and breaking changes in future releases can be expected; so basically use it at your own risk (source code is included). As usual, let me know if you have any comments, remarks or feature requests.

SmartTools.Charts from Jan Tielens on Vimeo.