I have installed windows 8…. I installed the enterprise edition, as I wanted all the good stuff and I had a single key allocated to me for this.

It was a lot more difficult than I would have thought to get it installed and running. 

I am up and running… It works, it is not windows 7…. It is different as is most new major releases of windows, if you look back over time….. Get used to it.

If you have touch, great, if you want to use the old desktop apps, even better, they all work…

Get used to the interesting features, the magic bar on the side, the lack of great support for multiple monitors on a pc,  and a new way of looking at your apps, with the fantastic live tiles….

Once you open the box fully and look inside, it’s actually pretty decent, 100% better than ipads, yes not as many fancy apps in the app store, but remember….. those millions and millions of existing apps, games… etc that you used to have access to, you still have access to, go to the shop and buy them…… just as you always did…

Now look at the main user of windows, business……. I would like to draw you attention to the post recently:


On an iPad, I can not run ANY of my old apps,  on a windows tablet I can, I get the best of both worlds. Finally I can use word and excel on my tablet, as opposed to what you get on iPad.

I have a significant choice of device, manufacturer, and features of the hardware platform.

I firmly believe the PRO versions of windows 8, those that run intel and still run all of my old apps will be the way forward, and for business, give me something that can do both, I am already sold…. so the article above, is to me, right on the money.

Sorry Apple lovers, and thanks for leading the way again, I used to be an Amiga guy, but hey where are they now? I don’t think those loyal to Apple will go away, but they will not be so popular, and those very annoying, very user unfriendly, mad house, apple stores will finally go away, replaced with a better store in the mall.

My $2 worth.