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And the roles are reversed! After the success of the first edition and before we move on to different topics of different guests, we will be inverting the roles, and now I will be the host of this conversation and “interview” Nino Crudele and extract from that obscure brain his knowledge and experience about Microsoft Azure.

This open and friendly talk will take place on February 4th at 19.30 UTC. As always, all of you will be invited to join us and participate and make any question on this one-to-one talk without filters, no marketing, and where nothing is planned! 

Some suggested topics may be:

  • Azure strategies
  • Costs
  • Cybersecurity
  • Learning
  • And anything else related or not to Azure

And guess what is free!

You can see more about the event on Nino Crudele’s website: 101 Talk Arena with Nino Crudele – Azure Nightmares

You can join us at the event here:

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