We are in desperate need of developers! If you point me to anyone (yourself included), I’ll split the finder’s fee of 20.000 SEK with you, if we hire that person.

Who are “we”?

Enfo Zystems is a company with a long standing commitment to integration and service orientation. In fact – It’s all we do! We are currently expanding on the Microsoft platform with focus on BizTalk, AppFabric and the cloud offerings from Microsoft.

The commitment and focus of this company, lead Johan Hedberg and myself to join Zystems. We were, and still are, amazed by the dedication by everyone we’ve met. Everyone from dev’s to sales, knows and understand integration and service orientation. We’ve even had discussions about BAM with our CEO!   

What do we offer?

Right now we are looking to set up a delivery center, from which we’ll work as a unit, delivering solutions to projects, opposed to selling consultants per hour. This means you’ll be working on-site from our office in Kista, together with your colleagues, delivering solutions to many customers.

Don’t know BizTalk? -Not a problem, we’ll provide you with necessary education and training. We require you to either have a couple of years experience from .Net, or from working with other integration- or ESB platforms.

Let me know if you find anyone…