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Last week I blogged about an intellisense crashing issue that is unfortunately in the VS 2010 RC. 

Crash Symptom

If you are encountering frequent VS 2010 crashes when you are typing in the editor while Intellisense is popping up and/or being dismissed then you are running into this issue.

Patch Now Available

This morning we made available a VS 2010 RC patch which fixes this issue.  You can download and run it here

Please apply it if you are encountering any crashes with the VS 2010 RC, or if you have a tablet, multi-touch, screen-reader or external devices attached (including Wacom tablets, phones/ipods, and others that connect via USB).

Please make sure to submit any issues you encounter with the VS 2010 RC to us via the connect.microsoft.com web-site.  Once you’ve entered the issue there please send me email (scottgu@microsoft.com) with a pointer to the issue and I’ll make sure the appropriate team follows up quickly.

Hope this helps,